Chocolate spread ~ creamy & nutty

Chocolate spread ~ creamy & nutty final

We all (well most of us) have a sweet tooth from time to time – an unpredictable craving for something sweet! On the other side we are so aware of our health, our weight, our […]


Crunchy bits for autumn cravings!

Crunchy bits for autumn cravings! brown plate on table with chestnut
(Deutsch untenstehend) A very tasty and easy snack! Inspired by a recipe of Deliciously Ella! We just added a bit more coconut and cinnamon. As a real coconut lover, I am tempted to eat the [...] weiterlesen

Chilli con carne ~ a spicy delight!

Chilli con carne ~ a spicy delight! Chilli, tacos, guacamole mood from top
(Deutsch nachfolgend) A spicy classic, you can eat on a cold winter day, but it`s perfect on a hot summer day! It is one of our favourites and always reminds me of my time in [...] weiterlesen

Summer rolls, a fresh delight!

Summer rolls, a fresh delight! three rolls on palm plate with bowls close up
(Deutsch nachfolgend) Summer rolls, also known as fresh spring rolls, are just a perfect snack in these warm summer days. They are one of my favourite dishes and I could eat them anytime throughout the [...] weiterlesen

Vegan Semolina cake with Chocolate & Raspberries

Vegan Semolina cake with Chocolate & Rasberries cake with slice and roses
A few weeks ago I was in Vienna with Louisa, visiting a friend. We had our last brunch on the terrace  of Motto am Fluss, in the elegant French-style café-bistro. We were craving something sweet, [...] weiterlesen

Homemade Granola ~ the easy way!

Homemade Granola ~ the easy way! tray with granola and bowl
Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day. I love smoothie bowls, oatmeal, muesli or just some fresh fruit - basically everything sweet (I don’t like savory meals in the morning) that goes in a [...] weiterlesen

Rhubarb cake ~ quick and tasty!

Rhubarb cake ~ quick and tasty! Cake with slice and compote on table
Lately, on a sunny Sunday we were craving for something sweet! And too lazy to leave the house;-) Fortunately, we had some rhubarb stalks, previously bought for my favourite compote. So the choice was clearly [...] weiterlesen

Tabbouleh & Olives ~ fresh and healthy!

Tabbouleh & Olives ~ fresh and healthy! Mood
Summer came early this year! Well, we had a hint of it last weekend and welcomed the hot temperatures with a barbecue! Since years this includes the best handmade sausages of a local butcher, grilled [...] weiterlesen

Vegan Chocolate & Banana Bar

VeganChocolate&Banana bar dark blue plate and espresso
Yes, it is true – we are all real Foodies! And we love to try new recipes, new combinations, fancy spices. After all, we are neither vegetarians nor vegans, nor anything else, but just Foodies! [...] weiterlesen

Happy with Sweets!

SamaSamaChocolateParadise Happy with sweets Pralinen
Nachdem ich mich in meinem Bericht über den Schokoladentempel  Sama Sama als "Chocoholic" geoutet habe, gehe ich jetzt noch weiter. Happy with Sweets! Mit größtem Vergnügen teile ich meine Freude an drei meiner Lieblingspralinen von [...] weiterlesen

Birchermuesli delight

Birchermuesli delight bowl top
Wie bereits in unserem letzten Blogpost über unseren Ausflug in den Törtchenhimmel im Engadin angekündigt, präsentieren wir an dieser Stelle ein absolutes kulinarisches Highlight! Unser Birchermuesli delight – nach der geschmacklichen Vorgabe von der Confiserie [...] weiterlesen

Louisa´s carrot cake

Da ich Euch im Blogpost über das Oliv Café in Berlin so vom Karottenkuchen vorgeschwärmt habe, möchte ich Euch mein eigenes Rezept nicht vorenthalten. Ich habe diesen Kuchen schon sehr oft für meine Familie oder [...] weiterlesen