Homemade Granola ~ the easy way!

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  • Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day. I love smoothie bowls, oatmeal, muesli or just some fresh fruit – basically everything sweet (I don’t like savory meals in the morning) that goes in a bowl.
    To satisfy my sweet tooth, I enjoy getting creative with different toppings. At the moment I´m craving chocolate and hazelnuts. So here it is, my Homemade Granola ~ the easy way!

    Homemade Granola ~ the easy way! tray with granola and bowl

    Nearly every muesli/ granola from the supermarket consists of a big amount of sugar, so I created my own more healthier version.
    The good thing is, this recipe is very easy, fast and you can replace or add anything you want. 🙂


    oats                    200 gr
    cinnamon           1/2 ts
    cacao                  2 tbs
    hazelnuts           150 – 200 gr
    chia  seeds         2 tbs
    flaxseeds            3 tbs
    quinoa puffed    4 tbs
    maple sirup        2 tbs
    honey                  1 tbs
    agave sirup         1 tbs
    salt                      pinch


    Mix all dry ingredients in a bowl
    Add maple sirup, agave and honey
    Spread evenly on a baking tray
    Put it in the oven under the grill for approx. 5 – 10 minutes
    Keep an eye on it until it gets light brown/ golden

    (! The first time I tried this recipe I burned the granola because I didn’t expect it to be ready in only a few minutes!)

    Let it cool down

    Homemade Granola ~ the easy way! baking tray


    Homemade Granola ~ the easy way! flat lay

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