Mein Wish`n Wonder ~ die Kraft des Räucherns

Unser quatre fleurs hat Zuwachs bekommen - Wish`n Wonder! ...eine Reisende mit Bedürfnis für Zwischenstopps in einem Kokon – um daraus wieder ein bunterer Schmetterling zu werden….So entstand Wish`n Wonder – der Wunsch des Reisens [...]

Ladybug ~ make a wish…

When the ladybug flitters into our lives, it makes us smile and we are feeling blessed – as it has always been a symbol of good luck! Subconsciously, I always associated this charming little insect […]

Passionately living with flowers & plants

…despite knowing They won`t be here for long They still choose to live their brightest lives Rupi Kaur Flowers and plant lovers, colour lovers and loving a fresh scent – We always have flowers or […]

Chocolate spread ~ creamy & nutty

We all (well most of us) have a sweet tooth from time to time – an unpredictable craving for something sweet! On the other side we are so aware of our health, our weight, our […]

Enlightening ~ The power of gemstones & crystals

…we wish upon shooting stars, believing there`s hope in the Universe, and in ourselves… It started in my teen years – I got intrigued by gemstones and crystals! A very good friend of my father […]

Peru ~ trip of my dreams!

…“maybe right now your journey isn`t about love. Maybe right now your journey is about you. Maybe this is the season you`re being challenged to be your own savior, to be your own safe place.“… […]

Glam up your boots! With Glammy Boots

We girls love boots! Any kind of boots. Cowboy and Ankle boots during the warmer seasons and UGG Boots in winter! And hey, we want to look different, set a statement – Glam up your [...]

Crunchy bits for autumn cravings!

(Deutsch untenstehend) A very tasty and easy snack! Inspired by a recipe of Deliciously Ella! We just added a bit more coconut and cinnamon. As a real coconut lover, I am tempted to eat the [...]

Boandl Liab ~ Kropfbandliebe

(English below)Und schon wieder steht die Wies`n - das Oktoberfest für die von Auswärts;-) - vor der Tür. Die fünfte Jahreszeit, wie sie hier im Süden auch genannt wird, ist der Auslöser für ein riesengroßes [...]

Athens ~ 3 days full of amazement!

(Deutsch untenstehend) Europe offers so much variety and diversity! We already have visited many cities and countries, and Athens has been on our list since a long time. So this summer we finally made it [...]

Enter The Dragon ~ trendy in Munich!

(English below) Seit einigen Wochen ist München um eine – kulinarische - Attraktion reicher! Das "Enter The Dragon" hat endlich seine Türen, neben dem leuchtenden Drachenkopf, geöffnet, und herein strömt die große Fangemeinde des asiatischen [...]

Chilli con carne ~ a spicy delight!

(Deutsch nachfolgend) A spicy classic, you can eat on a cold winter day, but it`s perfect on a hot summer day! It is one of our favourites and always reminds me of my time in [...]