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    Ladybugs cookies

    When the ladybug flitters into our lives, it makes us smile and we are feeling blessed – as it has always been a symbol of good luck!

    Subconsciously, I always associated this charming little insect with my second daughter – probably because I always dressed her in red 😉

    Consequently, whenever I am planning her birthday table, ladybirds make a lovely decoration theme. Every year it is slightly different and it gets more and more difficult to surprise her with something new. Louisa is very artistic and has a great eye for color and details

    Although, I am really fond of decoration and all these little cute accessories, I am a very intuitive person. For instance, I am unable to plan every detail ahead; I tend to decide in the very last minute (usually the day before!) what it is supposed to look. As a matter of fact, I then have to rely on my improvisation gifts (oh, and I am very good in it!) and deal with the existing props. Luckily, I am a hunter and collector, so we do have all sorts of accessories and little decorative objects lying around the house.

    Last birthday, I even had my youngest daughter plunging with me in the ladybug birthday preparation. She made the cutest little ladybug-cookies, all hand painted with lots of love – and patience (that her mother doesn’t have too much;).

    Creator of ladybugs
    Ladybug cookie on leaf
    Ladybugs in the making

    The cutest places I could find for their landing, was the ceramic leaves I bought years ago in Portugal. I think they were meant to be for this occasion…

    The more fancy part was the decoration – little wooden skewers embellished with coloured bands and handpainted ladybugs.

    Beeing a family of five “girls”, there is no wonder that pink is a highly appreciated colour in our surrounding. Again, this birthday it was the dominant colour, with little spots of clushing red – the ladybugs!

    And of course – flowers are never missing in this house!

    …fly, fly ladybug….and make my wish come true!

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