Glam up your boots! With Glammy Boots

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  • We girls love boots! Any kind of boots. Cowboy and Ankle boots during the warmer seasons and UGG Boots in winter! And hey, we want to look different, set a statement – Glam up your boots! With Glammy Boots

    Glam up your boots with Glammy boots! model theresa with beige feathers on ankle 2

    So this is how Glammy Boots was born – our label for the special kind of boot accessory.
    As we already mentioned many times – we literally live in haberdasheries and collect any kind of ribbon, pompon, fringes, buttons, …you name it!

    Especially glittery ribbons, fringes and feathers are our most favourites. Young and funky, purist and timeless or classic and stylish: tastes obviously differ – just like our Glammy Boots.

    The feathers that adorn our boots in summer, look very sexy as a necklace, too! Or you can wrap them around your wrist and pimp your pullover!

    To gloom up the dull and long winter months we have many different styles to give your UGG Boots a new look every day!

    Same right for kids 🙂 Here we worked with an elastic to hold the Glammy Boots tight on the boot. Whereas we usually use strong ribbons to adjust the accessory to the boot.

    So, if you intend to stand out of the masses, go ahead and order your favourite pair of Glammy Boots in our Etsy Shop!

    Have fun and be different!!!

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