Chilli con carne ~ a spicy delight!

(Deutsch nachfolgend) A spicy classic, you can eat on a cold winter day, but it`s perfect on a hot summer day! It is one of our favourites and always reminds me of my time in [...]

Mural ~ Food & Street Art in Munich

(English below) Trotz des Images, das München weit über seine Grenzen hinaus hat, gibt es auch Plätze die man eher in Berlin, Köln oder auch in Paris, Lissabon, etc… vermuten würde! Das Mural, Café/Restaurant direkt [...]

Homemade Granola ~ the easy way!

Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day. I love smoothie bowls, oatmeal, muesli or just some fresh fruit - basically everything sweet (I don’t like savory meals in the morning) that goes in a [...]

Join me in Vienna! Eating, drinking, chilling…

After my shopping experiences, we round up our week end picks with best culinary options in Vienna. So come and - Join me in Vienna! Eating, drinking, chilling…. The Viennese appreciation of the finer things [...]