Join me in Vienna! Eating, drinking, chilling…

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  • After my shopping experiences, we round up our week end picks with best culinary options in Vienna. So come and –
    Join me in Vienna! Eating, drinking, chilling….

    Join me in Vienna! Eating, drinking, chilling… Naschmarkt garage art

    The Viennese appreciation of the finer things in life extends to its opulent coffee-house ‚living rooms‘, its beloved pub-like „Beisln“ serving „Wiener Schnitzel, Tafelspitz and goulash“, elegant restaurants, its rustic „Heurigen“ (wine taverns) in the vineyards outside the city. But last but not least there is also an emerging scene filled with cross-over food, slow cuisine and trendy hipster restaurants, cafés and bars.

    Let`s start with the restaurants:

    Zum schwarzen Kameel

    One of Vienna’s most established delicatessen shop and restaurants, where the city’s foodies meet for little delicate sandwiches and a glass of excellent wine. Equally loved by tourists and natives, where seeing and being seen is as important for the „Wiener“ as it is for the guests from around the world.


    A trendy restaurant, no gloomy, greasy harbour bar ;-), has opened on the Danube Canal and offers good food and a fine bar. It doesn’t get any more stylish than this. Green leather benches and designer lamps on the ceiling create a posh ambience. The walls are decorated with vinyl album covers and with graffiti.
    They serve fish and seafood, and the meat from the grill also has to be seen and, of course, there are a few classics of Austrian cuisine on the menu. You also get fantastic drinks at the bar, a central eye-catcher in the heart of the establishment.

    Motto am Fluss

    A nautical café-bar-restaurant, is a pier complex that looks like an island, which has finally brought a maritime atmosphere to downtown Vienna. Atop is an privately elegant French-style café-bistro, with meals and snacks at affordable prices (breakfast from 8:00 to 16:00) on a terrace with stunning views of the Ring Tower to the west, along with the Vienna woods and Kahlenberg hills.There is a promenade sort of catwalk for a mixed crowd entering the top. For something more intimate and exclusive, make a reservation at the restaurant downstairs.


    Facing the Baroque parish church of St. Ulrich in the Seventh District, this trendy hotspot is an urban eatery offering a wide selection of meals – from Austrian Schnitzel to vegetarian oriental plates. Don`t miss the outstanding breakfast, best on the splendid green terrace.

    Hase und Igel

    Really cosy little Café/restaurant, serving excellent coffee and homemade cakes, fresh soups and other daily made small dishes (mostly organic). Apart from the few tables in the main restaurant, you can enjoy your meal in a small garden in the backyard (assuming sunshine!).

    Cafés and Bars:

    Café Sperl

    In early 20th-century Vienna, Secession artists met in the coffeehouses like Sperl, later, in the early 21st century, Vienna’s artistic came together in the coffeehouses of the Siebensternviertel. While sipping on a Mélange (Vienna’s version of the cappuccino) and nibbling on an austrian sweet cake, you can spend hours on reading the latest newspapers or make some new friends on the billiard tables.

    Café Nil

    A pleasant Café, North African-style, with light Mediterranean offerings, both vegetarian and meat-eater selections. We liked the design scheme – a cool, mirrored and greenish style.

    Café Espresso

    This Café/Bar definately has a retro feel to the decor, genuine 60`s all the way. It fits perfectly to the „Spittelberg“ vibe, the whole setting and all the other restaurants, cafés and shops in this area.

    Das Möbel

    A Café that also serves as a design showroom for contemporary furniture and lighting. They have an interesting choice of lights, chairs, benches and storage units. However, you may, of course, only sip on your „Mélange“ or enjoy one of their excellent beers.


    We were randomly walking by and the exterior caught our attention. A magic little coffee-kick treasure hidden here in the back streets of Mariahilf. I had the best espresso and we enjoyed the cute scenery out the window.

    Bestens. Bar

    Located in a small row, in the „Spittelberg“ area, a wide variety of Gin is offered in this stylish bar. Sit among some palm trees in summer!


    This very popular shop/bar/café concept, part bookshop, part cafe bar, is the perfect place to enjoy great coffee, a glass of Austrian wine and get lost in a good read. Sitting among the bookshelves and boxes of vinyl you listen to – sometimes – live music, DJ´s or lectures.


    Vienna’s best-known fruit and vegetable market, is hugely popular. At this mile-long market, a straggle of food stalls sell everything from Viennese sweets to Vietnamese dishes. The heady stalls are filled with local and international delicacies. We loved the variety of dried fruits and nuts, and tried a freshly squeezed pomegrante juice! Delicious!

    …and there is so much more to be discovered! Enjoy yout stay in this vibrant and beautiful city!

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