Punta del Este, Uruguay ~ a handful of my culinary picks!

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  • As noticed in my first blog post about my favourite shops along the coast in Punta del Este, Uruguay, I continue this little serie with just a few of the stunning places to eat, drink, relax or to simply get inspired. As you can imagine there are plenty of more amazing places, but this would go far beyond the scope of this article.

    So this is it, my tiny list of  Punta del Este, Uruguay ~ a handful of my culinary picks!

    la huella
    José Ignacio, Uruguay

    The most famous hangout is the Parador la huella, always crowded by beautiful people and hosted by a very charismatic and jolly team. It`s hip, it´s relaxed, it´s glamorous and we spent most evenings there.

    The loveliest time is around sunset, when candles are lit around the parador and along the wooden pathway to the beach. A magical setting!

    The menu is just perfect for the beachlife, inlcuding crispy octupus, steaks, wood-fired pizzas, creative sushi dishes, freshly prepared on the bar and housemade dulce de leche ice cream.

    Every evening they lit a bunch of herbs and walk throughout the whole place – for spiritual reasons or not, we love that pure and intense smell of herbs.

    For all „la huella“ lovers (like us), there is a beautiful book available with recipes, lovely photos and little stories.

    Casa Lobos
    José Ignacio, Uruguay

    Slightly hidden on the way from La Barra to José Ignacio, on the crossroad to Garzón, there is another culinary hotspot and highly recommended for all interior lovers! – Casa Lobos, joint with the the mid-century modern, two-story boutique Santas Negras.

    The menu offers a wide range of organic and regional products, fresh fish of the day and a good parillas (barbecue).

    You will love the relaxed atmosphere with chill out music and tasteful cocktails.

    The many plants, candles (from Velas de la Ballena!) and beautiful chosen fabrics of cushions and tableware makes it a very stylish and cosy place!

    Here, too,  a beautiful and hip crowd takes over this place in the evenings and the team is quite cheerful.

    Café Zinc
    La Barra, Uruguay

    A small café in the village of La Barra that will appeal to lovers of vintage furniture and intimate environments. You will find a charming collection of local finds mixed with flea market treasures from the UK and beyond.
    They serve excellent coffee, homemade cakes, sandwiches and salads.

    There is a special atmosphere in this café, probably due to the antique pieces all around, beaming us in another century….;-)

    The Café belongs to the Casa Zinc, a boutique hotel, a charming rustic-industrial refuge that vintage lovers will adore. It offers six guest rooms, light-filled and lovely, with vintage laboratory lamps, iron bathtubs and old desks.

    Casa Zinc is gathering an international reputation as one of the most tasteful and original design hotels around.

    Manantiales, Uruguay

    The atmosphere in this little restaurant is magical! Open only in the evenings, the amount of candles and lampions lit this place in a soft and romantic light! Either you sit under a roof of palmleaves or you have the stars shining above and the breeze in your hair. A – mostly – young and beautiful crowd is occupying this place throughout summer, therefore a reservation is highly recommended.
    This vegetarian restaurant offers regional products with good spices and herbs. Due to the darkness you can`t really recognize what you are eating, but everything is very tasty!
    The team is snappy and informal, always patiently explaining the composition of their menu.

    This is it! A real small – but personal -collection! Happy to hear about your experiences!

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