Punta del Este, Uruguay ~ fancy shops on my list!

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  • Beginning of 2018 I got the invitation to spend some days in Punta del Este, Uruguay. A friend of mine asked me to join her relaxing  and meeting up with friends from Argentina and Punta del Este.

    You bet I booked a ticket right away;-)

    And yes, we sacrificed ourselves to relaxation, but still had time (and energie!) enough to buzz around – meeting people and finding places!

    Lately, I`ve grown very nostalgic for this time, reliving it in pictures and I am happy for finally sharing them with you!

    Obviously there are quite a lot, so I decided to divide my picks in different parts. No overdoing at this point;).
    There will be one part with fancy shops around Punta del Este and the other one with my restaurant picks. And – of course – a third one with a very special place in the countryside, Garzón, a small town with only about 200 citizen. There is the famous Restaurant/Hotel El Garzón, a stunning Café and an inspiring, ecclectic shop.

    Well, keep scrolling for my favourite memories, starting with the fancy shops on my list!

    José Ignacio
    The fishing village of José Ignacio on Uruguay’s southern coast has long been a summer escape for stylish South Americans, but it has attracted an international crowd of late. It´s a perfect mix of sun, surf and beach chic.

    La Esteña
    20402 Faro José Ignacio, Departamento Maldonado, Uruguay

    A well sorted home decoration shop where you can find many different styles and items.
    Tableware, furnitures, books, prints, quotes, …

    El Sentido
    Los Cisnes y El Océano, José Ignacio, Uruguay

    Like a beach house, you enter a huge shop with a unique and personal selection of indoor and outdoor furniture, objects, candles, books and ideal details to decorate the house. Consequently you could get stuck for hours, slowly moving through all beautifully arranged items of desire!

    Santas Negras
    20402 Faro José Ignacio, Departamento Maldonado, Uruguay

    A lifestyle boutique on the outskirts of town Santas Negras is a housewares and fashion shop that sells an eclectic variety of clothing, restored (and sometimes reimagined) mid-century furniture and stylish curiosities.
    It is on two levels, with a light-filled top floor. Over 75 per cent of Santas Negras’s offerings are of Uruguayan origin.

    El Canuto
    Calle de Los Cisnes, 20402 José Ignacio, Departamento de Maldonado, Uruguay

    Reminding of a beach shack, the interior is very cosy and relaxed. Ready-to-wear clothes, and especially the locally hand made knitted ponchos are worth a visit. See a recent blog post for details.

    La Barra
    An old fishtown located only few miles from Punta del Este, you will find La Barra de Maldonado. It has been converted in the tourist’s favourite place. It has its own style, with colorful houses, flea markets and antiquities stores.

    Collecionista Urbana

    Just before you cross the bridge „Puente de la Barra“, turn left and you will find yourself in front of chaotic „heaven“,  if you are fond of antiques, vintage and knick-knack! Anyway, believe me, it`s worth a visit!!!

    Paul/Paul Beach House
    Ruta 10 esq. Los Romances, La Barra, Uruguay

    You enter a large space, nearly a private house, wandering from each room, like kitchen, dining room, bedroom. The beautifully arranged items are nicely decorated and for anyone owning a house in this area, this shop satisfies every wish. Afterwards you can rest your tiured feet and treat yourself in the little café just beside.

    Manantiales is a quaint sleepy village just up the coast from La Barra and more charming – in my opinion.You will find lively restaurants, cafes, bars, ice cream shops and boutiques – all of which are within a short walk to the beach. Bikini Beach is quite famous among a young and hip crowd and you shouldn`t miss the fish market.

    10, 20002 La Barra, Departamento de Maldonado, Uruguay

    You find any kind of linnen and cotton wraps, cloths and towels for the summer season. Everything beautifully decorated and arranged in baskets and wooden racks.

    Velas de la ballena
    Ruta 10-km 164, esq. Calle Maldona-Manantiales, Punta del Este, Uruguay

    Welcomed by an amazing scent, here you find handmade candles in all shapes, sizes, flavours and colours. And artisan lanterns, in my opinion, the most beautiful items, really worth buying. They give your home a warm and personal touch with their soft light. You find them in many restaurants and bars in this area.

    20002 Manantiales, Departamento Maldonado, Uruguay

    You enter the shop under a original kilim roof with hanging tassels and find yourself in the world of 1001 nights. Rugs, kilims and carpets of all colours, shapes and sizes. Further bags, poufs, cushions and saddle bags and suzanis.

    Punta del Este
    The town that has lent its name to the whole coast, it has grown into a city, but kept its suburban charm. The port is quite charming, especially in the evening. You find good restaurants, night clubs and shops easily reached from the other nearby beach spots.

    Manos del Uruguay
    Ruta 10 esquina Los Remansos
    Punta del Este / La Barra – Uruguay

    Manos del Uruguay is a non profit organization that provides work to artisan women from rural areas in Uruguay. They work all the craft techniques necessary to develop wool garments, from knitting with two needles, to manual knitting machines, looms, crochet, felting techniques, etc. In there shops you can buy  the most beautiful ponchos, pullovers, scarfs,… in vibrant colours and styles.

    Roberta Roller Rabbit
    El Remanso (Calle 20) esquina Calle 28
    20100 Punta Del Este

    Ruta 10
    Manantiales, Punta del Este, Uruguay

    Already in front of the shop you are welcomed by the colourful world of Roberta Roller Rabbit.
    Her brand offers relaxed clothes for men, women and kids, as well as accessories and home furnishing.

    There is much more to see, to discover, to find….and in case a trip is in your future, I am happy if you share your personal discoveries with me!

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    1. Sophie Unützer sagt:

      Fantastico!! Que lindo todo!! Un beso grande de tu amiga Sophie

      1. Bettina sagt:

        Muchas gracias!! Buenos recuerdos 😉 Besos

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